Youth group working to reduce liquor signs in Holyoke

El Arco Iris youth art and educational program in collaboration with the Holyoke Youth Task Force took on a goal into making two murals for two Liqour stores who passed the CARD test in the BSAS and YES alcohol prevention to minors. We recognize both Archies and Dillions store for supporting the community and not selling alcohol to minors also for not promoting alcohol outside of there store front. This is the process the Program peer leaders and College students...

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Carlos Vega will always be remembered!

“The flag at City Hall will fly at half-staff to honor the passing of long-time community organizer Carlos Vega.

Vega, 61, died Thursday at his home in Holyoke after a long battle with brain cancer. Friends and family had gathered this week to hold vigil with the former Nueva Esperanza executive director, who endured 5 surgeries over the past 15 years”…Click to Read More

“Venturing into the world of good deeds and hard fights demands a strong will to take bold steps;...

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